A podcast about navigating the
opportunities and challenges of design leadership
with Jesse James Garrett and Peter Merholz

REcent Episodes

29: Listening with Intent (ft. Indi Young)

In this episode, Jesse and Peter speak with their friend and former colleague Indi Young on the eve of the release of her forthcoming book, Time to Listen. The conversation ranges from our time together, to how she approaches her work, her focus on listening deeply to each other, and her passion for matters of equity and inclusion.

28: The Leadership Ceiling (ft. Tim Kieschnick)

In this episode, Jesse and Peter talk to Tim Kieschnick, who established the UX practice at healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente, and then went on to spearhead human-centered design in the organization, about his illuminating framework he calls The Leadership Ceiling, the importance of playing politics, how to start a movement, and what it was like to work for a single company for 30 years(!).

27: Choose Yourself—Making up your career path as you go (ft. Abby Covert)

In which Peter and Jesse are joined by information architect and author Abby Covert, who shares her story of moving from independent consultant, to Etsy’s staff information architect, to product manager, and then independent writer and teacher. She shares what she learned along the way about burnout and work-life balance, and gives us a peek at her forthcoming book on the power of diagrams as tools for thinking.

Find more about Abby at http://abbycovert.com, and read “I Choose Me,” the post that inspired this episode.

Learn more about Jesse’s coaching practice at http://jessejamesgarrett.com/

Peter occasionally writes about design orgs and leadership at http://petermerholz.com/