A podcast about navigating the
opportunities and challenges of design leadership
with Jesse James Garrett and Peter Merholz

REcent Episodes

18: How Agile and Scrum ruined product management, and other things (ft. Melissa Perri)

Product management consultant and educator Melissa Perri joins Peter and Jesse to talk about the view of design from the product management side of the table, the true value that product managers bring to the process, and how designers can collaborate more effectively with their peers in product management.

(Apologies for the suboptimal audio, we found you get used to it pretty quickly, and the content was too rich to not share with you!)

Learn more about Melissa at http://melissaperri.com/

17 – Design leadership lessons from bicycling (ft. Sally Carson)

In which Peter and Jesse talk to Sally Carson, Head of Product Design at Duo Security (now part of Cisco), about her journey, from bike messenger to multimedia designer to design lead. Along the way, we discuss executive relationships, handling burnout and managing your energy, and how her experience cycling prepared her for the ups and downs of leadership.